order picking for engine assembly

The manufacturer of heavy agricultural machinery planned to store the components needed for its assembly line right by the assembly area. Greater storage capacity was needed on the same footprint and the stored items needed to be well protected.

Benefits at a glance

  • More parts can be stored while saving 500 square meters of floor space
  • Variable storage of spare parts provides greater flexibility
  • New order picking process introduced
  • Safe storage and protection from external influences


CLAAS is a family-run business established in 1913 and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Based in Harsewinkel
(northern Germany), the company is the European leader in the production of combines and global market leader in the manufacture of self propelled forage harvesters. CLAAS is also a world leader in agricultural machinery with its tractors, balers, and green harvest machinery. Its product range also includes state-of-the-art information technology for agriculture. CLAAS employs approximately 9,000 people around the world.

Task definition

Components for assembling engines were initially stored at the point of assembly at CLAAS. The complexity of fitting the parts to the various engine models increased as a result of changes to statutory provisions governing emission levels. The new regulations meant that storing parts at the point of assembly was no longer possible. The management sought a production logistics solution that provided greater storage capacity on the same-sized storage space.


The four Shuttle XP 500 systems from Kardex Remstar occupy 80 square meters of floor space and provide the same storage capacity as the static shelving on 600 square meters of floor space. The storage units are controlled by a direct connection to the customer’s SAP system. A total of 1,500 parts can be stored and another 1,500 can be retrieved within one eight-hour shift. All parts are essentially stored upstream in a central high-rack warehouse and picked by the Shuttle XP 500 as and when needed. The engine parts are safely stored on trays equipped with rubber mats and edging all the way around, preventing them from getting dirty and moving around as well as ensuring that they make no noise while the tray is in motion. The storage system proves to be highly flexible through its ability to store parts of varying geometries, such as hoses, pipes, tensioner pulleys, cable ducts, engine mounts, fi lter systems, and compressors.

Scope of delivery

  • Four Shuttle XP 500 systems (W x D x H: 2,450 x 864 x 11,450 mm)
  • Manually operable fold-out extraction table
  • 320 trays