ergonomic retrieval of tires

The Belgian car dealer Delorge uses two Intermat storage units from Intertex at its dealership in Hasselt. The space-saving solution from Kardex Remstar’s industry partner can store and retrieve 6,600 tires. Delorge’s tire service is 90 percent faster with the automated units, generating additional sales.

Advantage at a glance

  • Space-saving storage of 6,600 tires on a footprint measuring less than 140 square meters
  • Tire service is 90 percent faster
  • Ergonomic retrieval of tire sets directly to the fitting station at the touch of a button
  • Additional sales generated thanks to more efficient customer service


With seven locations in total, Delorge is one of the biggest car dealers in Belgium. The authorized dealer for VW, Audi, and Skoda has grown considerably in recent years and Delorge had to contract an external company to manage the storage of winter and summer tires in Hasselt due to lack of space. This resulted in complex work processes, long distances, and long waiting times for customers. As such, the tire service was an instrument purely designed to retain customers and it was a loss-making business for Delorge.

Task definition

Delorge has been using a Shuttle XP 500 storage lift from Kardex Remstar for storing spare parts for quite some time. When Kardex Remstar suggested that it should also bring its tire handling operation back in-house with an automated storage and retrieval solution, the management sat up and listened. The aim of Delorge was to improve its customer service, provide an ergonomic workspace for its employees, and generate sales with its winter tire service.


Since the beginning of 2015, 6,600 summer and winter tires, new tires, and alloy wheels have been stored in two Intermat storage paternoster from Intertex at the Delorge dealership in Hasselt on a footprint measuring less than 140 square meters. Yet the 20-meter-deep tire hotel is not even full. Around 40 percent of the storage capacity is still free for future growth. The tires are stored away by license plate and vehicle identification number. The customer’s own software shows when the tires have been stored away and retrieved. The vertical carousel’s goods-to-person principle ensures that the employees can work ergonomically, which means no more searching, short distances to the fitting station (see picture), and a storage and retrieval process that is easy on the back. “We now only spend a tenth of the time previously devoted to the tire service. We no longer have to worry about logistics,” says Delorge owner Peter Guelinchx.