Safe storage and retrieval of even the most challenging materials and products

Process safety and hazardous material management are afforded the highest priority in the chemical industry. The broad range of items and raw materials used in the area of chemical production presents particular challenges in relation to storage conditions. Find out here which solutions we can offer.

Advantages at a glance

  • Less space needed

  • Modular design
  • Improved inventory management
  • Safe batch management
  • Controlled climate
  • Dust-free storage
  • Safe handling and storage of valuable components and items


sorting and buffering orders

Steady growth and an ever broader product portfolio led to an increasingly more complex supply chain at the Swedish dermatology company. It was decided to introduce an upstream buffer storage system to cope with this.

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Research substances stored in a controlled environment

Merck KGaA is one of the world’s leading companies in the pharma and chemical industry. The company needed an efficient concept for its new research building in Darmstadt to allow it to store sensitive pharmaceutical substances used in the course of its research. Kardex Remstar’s climate-controlled storage shuttles perfectly meet Merck’s high standards for storage condition                                                               Read More

Teva Pharma

efficient retrieval of package inserts

The Israeli manufacturer of generic drugs was looking for a solution to optimize the storage and retrieval process for medicine package inserts in its new warehouse in Hungary. The aim was to speed up processes in order to save time and money.

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Does your production environment call for dust-free handling of sensitive electronic components?

Extremely pure chemicals are generally produced and stored in clean room conditions. We supply our dynamic retrieval systems with the option of comprehensive dust protection. This is so extensive that we are one of the few suppliers who can offer storage and retrieval solutions in a complete clean room environment.

Are your products sensitive to temperature fluctuations or high levels of humidity?

We have designed our Megamat and Shuttle series storage units in a way that allows them to be fitted with an additional air conditioning function.

Versions for the following requirements are available individually or in combination:

Cooling for long-term storage of chemicals

Air conditioning: Chemical products often have to go through the maturing process within a carefully specified temperature range before they can be further processed. We supply a system that stores goods at a constant temperature. Temperatures range from plus sixty to minus twenty five degrees Celsius.

Controlled humidity: In addition, it is possible to reduce humidity within the unit to five percent.

Does the nature of the stored goods forbid the use of water as fire protection?

To prevent goods from being damaged by water, we do not use sprinkler systems in the event of fire and smoke. Instead we use state-of-the-art gas extinguishing systems. In this way the stored material is not vulnerable to moisture in the event of a fire.

Do the stored substances require comprehensive explosion protection?

Our units feature special anti-explosion protection mechanisms to prevent flash fires and explosions in places where there are highly flammable gas emissions. In dangerous situations the affected storage unit is flooded with explosion-resistant gases. Other preventive measures taken on our machinery include the use of non-arcing motors and low-friction trays.

Do you work with corrosive acids and alkalis?

The components on our units – and especially the trays that come into contact with the stored products – are made of stainless steel, preventing damage caused by aggressive substances and precursors used in the chemical industry.

Rely on the extensive industry experience of our experts

Our specialists have extensive experience of industry-specific requirements when it comes to handling hazardous substances, distributing them in accordance with ADR regulations, or storing items and raw materials in accordance with the VCI classification system.

Combination of measures

Since the design of our retrieval systems is modular, it goes without saying that it is easy to combine the solutions presented here.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Less space needed: The footprint needed can be reduced by up to 85 percent due to the highly dense storage concept. This makes it possible to store the same amount of goods on a footprint just ten to 25 percent of the original size while also freeing up space for other uses.
  • Modular design: The units can be integrated into any existing logistics system – as a self-contained storage system, in the area of production, or as an efficient buffer storage solution for shipping.
  • Improved inventory management: The Power Pick Global warehouse management software makes it possible to permanently monitor stock levels in real time via its direct connection to the ERP system.
  • Safe batch management: Even extremely high quantities of miniature items can be safely stored and retrieved with our warehouse management software.
  • Controlled climate by regulating the humidity and temperature of environments where critical components are stored.
  • Dust-free storage in clean room conditions.
  • Safe handling and storage of valuable components and items in a lockable storage system, providing optimal protection from external influences and unauthorized access.

Is an investment in storage logistics solutions from Kardex Remstar worthwhile for your business?

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss this matter with you. Upon request, we can give you a free, no-obligation assessment of the options available to help you further optimize your storage logistics operation and save space, time, and money.

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