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Comunian Bevande

Safe and fast distribution of wines and spirits

Comunian Bevande is one of Italy’s leading beverage retailers. The company supplies its customers from a portfolio of around 2,000 different products. In the warehouse, the safety and protection of both operators and goods and a fast order picking process are of paramount importance. To ensure greater efficiency, the warehouse therefore had to be converted from a manual to an automatic operation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Higher safety for the operators
  • Protection of goods from dust, dirt and damage
  • Full traceability of the goods
  • Fast and efficient order picking


Since 1972 Comunian is a leading distributor of wine, spirits and beer to bars, pubs, restaurants, wineries, canteens and other business activities. The company is committed to fast and timely delivery (4-24 hours after placing the order) of mixed orders (cases or single bottles) from a stock of more than 2,000 beverages. This is achieved by a staff of young and dynamic people, constantly trained to handle all logistic and administrative requirements.

Task definition

Comunian manages a stock of 30,000 bottles of wine and spirits, handling 1,000 bottles per day. Bottles are packed in cartons containing 6 pieces, but may also be sold single. Two operators handle the tasks in a single day shift. Challenges are searching for items, long walk ways along static shelving, opening boxes and picking bottles, narrow spaces and the need to climb the shelving, risking physical injury


Supported by an incentive from INAIL (National Institute for the Prevention of Work Accidents), Comunian Bevande decided to install two automated storage systems Shuttle XP from Kardex Remstar. The systems work completely automatically, directly controlled by the storage management software. Picking is done by using radio frequency scanners. This ensures full traceability of the material and error-free picking, as the correct goods are delivered to the access opening. All material is protected from dust, dirt and damage. The two vertical storage systems, installed side by side, allow a much higher picking performance: operators have only two points of access to materials and long walk ways are eliminated. In addition, no investment for lift trucks was necessary and the dead time of the operators was minimized. Very important: the working conditions of the operators are greatly improved. The two automated storage systems work according to the principle “goods-to-person” so that the operators can pick the items at a comfortable height, without risking injuries climbing up or damaging the goods.

Scope of Delivery

  • 2 Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP 500
    (W x D x H 3,380 x 2,921 x 9,850 mm)
    equipped in total with 96 trays 3,050 x 813 mm
    with a load capacity of 465 kg each
  • Kardex JMIF (Java Machine Interface) software