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Kjell & Company

multi-batch picking for online and in-store orders

The Swedish supplier of home electronics accessories sells its range of 9,000 products online and in 80 stores. The existing static shelf system no longer gave the continually growing company the flexibility it needed for the online business and to supply its network of stores. In addition, the 8,000 m² logistics center had reached the limit of its capacity. An efficient and space-saving storage solution was sought. The retailer found what it was looking for at Kardex Remstar.

Benefits at a glance

  • 90 % space reduction (from 800 m2 to 80 m2, after 1st installation of 6 Shuttle XP 250)
  • Faster picking times (around 120-200 picks an hour), compared to shelving system, where the picking time was around 70 picks per hour
  • Increased safety for employees and improved security
  • Multiple batch picking


Kjell & Company sells accessories for home electronics online and through a network of 80 stores in Sweden. The company has over 600 employees and offers the Nordic’s widest range of accessories for consumer electronics. They offer more than 9,000 articles, including everything from iPhone covers, mobile phone chargers to more sophisticated accessories. The headquarters are located in Malmö, Sweden and there is a purchasing office in Shanghai.

Task definition

The existing static shelving system did not offer the fl exibility and effi ciency required for both the online business and deliveries to the network of stores following the company’s sustained growth. The 8,000 square meter distribution and logistics hub in Malmö was reaching full capacity. There was the need to look for a storage solution that could optimize use of the space available whilst also helping to contribute to faster and more accurate picking for both stores and online orders, and create the additional storage capacity needed to allow for continued expansion.


The solution provided was 12 Shuttle XPs (in 2 installments of 6 units) with dual access openings and a colour picking system to help improve accuracy levels and picking times. Above each opening there is a touch screen display monitor allowing the operators (normally 1-4 but can double in busy periods) to clearly see which colour batch they are picking for. Deliveries for stores and ecommerce orders can be picked simultaneously from the different access openings. Operators can easily switch between picking ecommerce orders, loading returned goods and new inventory, store orders and express orders. The solution is fl exible and easy to install in the existing warehouse, making optimal use of the available ceiling height. In addition, the Shuttle XP provides security for the goods and is easily integrated into existing systems. JMIF software was also delivered as part of the solution to integrate the whole material fl ow process and provide Kjell with full control of the materials from when they enter the warehouse till they leave.

Scope of Delivery

  • 12 Shuttle XP 250, tray dimension 3,050 x 610, machines 3,480 x 2,310 x 7,950
  • Kardex JMIF (Java Machine Interface) software
  • Colour picking system
  • Sumoboxes
  • Plexi-glass panels