fast parts delivery for sanitary systems

The Belgian sanitary and heating system wholesaler offers its customers 24-hour service and overnight delivery. This calls for efficient picking of stored goods. The system from Kardex Remstar ensures permanent and fast access to the goods.

Benefits at a glance

  • High performance (2,000 order lines / 100 delivery per day)
  • Batch-picking of 20 customer orders per person
  • Error-free picking and no incorrect deliveries
  • Full stock control


Schrauwen is a wholesaler for sanitary and heating equipment as well as related spare parts. The company delivers the extensive range of equipment and parts to professional installing companies, own shops and private customers. A total of 114 employees work for Schrauwen, running 11 stores, 7 showrooms and all related operations. The headquarter is located in Herentals, Belgium.

Task definition

Sustained growth of the company and the move to overnight delivery (ordering before 4pm the previous day) required a more flexible and efficient order picking solution for fast and reliable delivery to the customer than the existing static shelving. For the wide range of diverse goods varying in size and weight, tailor-made or standard, different types of storage systems are needed. For example, heavy and large equipment is still stored in (pallet) racks. All 15,000 SKUs in all storage locations needed to be handled by a Kardex WMS to fulfill
orders correctly in time. Therefore, stock-control of the entire product portfolio was of the essence.


The solution provided was six Horizontal Carousels for approx. 5,000 small parts in bins and cartons. Pick-to-light and put-to-light systems combined with batch picking operations allow 20 customer orders to be picked at the same time by one operator, guaranteeing high accuracy. In general, two operators work on the orders, but in peak times the number can be increased up to six. The goods-to-person principle and signifi cantly reduced travel time resulted in a substantial increase in picking speed. Part of the solution was the Kardex own warehouse management system, linked to the customer’s ERP system, where receiving is processed and customer orders are created. It assigns SKUs in the Horizontal Carousel as well as in all other storage locations, keeps track of storage levels and reports all actions back to the ERP system, ensuring full stock-control. With this solution, Schrauwen can do 2,000 order lines / day and prepare customer orders for ca. 100 deliveries / day, performed by 9 company trucks, including special night delivery.

Scope of Delivery

  • 6 Horizontal Carousels (W x D x H: 1,700 x 34,030 x 2,600 mm)
  • Pick-to-light / Put-to-light systems
  • Picking information functionality displayed on separate monitor
  • Kardex WMS