SMD storage system perfectly integrated into the building

Integrating a storage system close to a production area in an existing building is a big challenge for many companies. Kardex Remstar found the perfect solution for the manufacturer Phoenix Contact Electronics in Bad Pyrmont (Germany) in the form of four Shuttle XPmultiple units. Around 812 square meters of storage space across two floors was created for SMD production on a footprint measuring just less than 40 square meters, despite restrictions due to supporting beams.

Advantage at a glance

  • Perfectly integrated within the building despite the supporting beams on two levels above one another
  • 812 m2 of storage space on a 40 m2 footprint
  • Storage and retrieval on two floors
  • Installation during continuous operation


The modern building complex belonging to Phoenix Contact Electronics extends along the stretch of land between the river and railroad line that connects Bad Pyrmont with Hannover. The subsidiary of Phoenix Contact is an internal supplier of electronic components for the group. The internationally operating family-run business manufactures components, systems, and solutions in the area of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation.

Task definition

Due to the lack of space, an increasing number of SMD reels had to be stored on static shelves that took up a great deal of space. In order to put a stop to this inefficient state of affairs, the managers began searching for a solution for storing the SMD reels, printed circuit boards, and assembly groups. They wanted to significantly increase storage capacity while ensuring fast retrieval of the necessary parts. The idea was to separate storage, retrieval, and order picking tasks in future, in order to organize the overall process more efficiently. However, the space available for the new system was limited due to the presence of supporting beams in the ceiling.


Following a thorough evaluation process, Phoenix Contact Electronics decided to install four Shuttle XPmultiple 500 storage lifts, with a height of 10.45 meters, across two floors. The storage units have access openings on both floors for storage and retrieval close to the production area. The Shuttle XPmultiple is an automated storage system consisting of two modular storage lifts arranged behind one another. As such, this “tandem” storage unit is especially suitable for difficult structural situations with corners and niches. While the operator picks the goods at the access opening, a new tray can be retrieved from the rear section. Order picking performance is faster with the Shuttle Xpmultiple thanks to these parallel processes. It took four weeks to install the system at Phoenix Contact Electronics; the entire conversion process lasted around four months during continuous operation.

Scope of delivery

  • 4 Shuttle XPmultiple 500 units
  • Designed to conform with ESD standards
  • LED lighting, LED pointer
  • Kardex Drive (link to SAP)