Fast delivery of parts and accessories to prolong the life of electronic devices

Replacedirect from the Netherlands is a major player in the after-sales market for electronic equipment. Its Logistics focus is on first-class customer service and delivery within 24 hours. A solution from Kardex Remstar enabled it to process orders and carry out repairs for end users, business clients, and resellers quickly and reliably by handling picking and replenishment tasks simultaneously.

Advantages at a glance

  • High performance / high speed (2,000 deliveries per day)
  • Maximum storage density on a small footprint: Replacedirect offers 600,000 different parts for sale and currently holds 150,000 pieces on stock
  • Error-free picking and no incorrect deliveries
  • Simultaneous picking and putting for retail, wholesale, and repairs


Replacedirect is a fast-growing company in the retail, wholesale, and repair business for all kinds of electronic equipment. Its mission is to prolong the life of electronic devices by offering a wide range of spare parts, including its own Yanec brand, via a consumer web shop Replacedirect.nl, reseller platform Twindis, and an on-site store. Online sales account for 98 % of its business, with approximately 100 employees serving 23 countries.

Task definition

Replacedirect grew out of its premises and needed a larger operation to serve its ever-growing customer base. A large number of single orders and a 24-hour delivery service for outgoing goods – and a 12-hour internal process time for incoming goods – demanded higher performance and accuracy on a smaller footprint. Incoming goods, outgoing goods, and repairs had to be integrated into one process, while simultaneously adapting the logistics process to the layout of the building.


The solution came in the form of four Shuttle XP units in the first phase and three Horizontal Carousels later on, connected via a closed-loop conveyor system to the incoming goods / dispatch area. Pick-to-light and put-to-light systems combined with batch picking operations make it possible to pick customer orders, manage in-house repair shop and on-site store orders, and handle replenishment tasks simultaneously with no errors. Screens indicate incoming and outgoing operations in different colours. Supplies to be stored away are electronically recorded at the packing stations and automatically directed to the picking stations using conveyors. Once outgoing orders or repair orders have been picked, they travel automatically on the conveyor to either the dispatch area or the repair shop. Three Horizontal Carousels offer 950 m² of storage space on a 170 m² footprint, while 4 Shuttle XP units offer 530 m² on a 40m² footprint, accommodating a total of 100,000 articles of various sizes. Picking performance and accuracy have increased substantially, resulting in a faster delivery service and low percentage return of goods (6.1 %).

Scope of delivery

  • 4 Shuttle XP units (W x D x H: 3,380 x 3,074 x 8,150)
  • 3 Horizontal Carousels (W x D x H: 6,750 x 28,665 x 2,597)
  • Pick-to-light / put-to-light systems
  • Picking information displayed on separate monitor
  • Kardex Warehouse Management System with dynamic batching
  • Full conveyor system between ground floor and first floor, including sorting
  • Interface to ERP system