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1zu1 Prototypen

Highly dense storage for prototype construction

The Austrian enterprise 1zu1 Prototypen uses silicone molds for vacuum casting of polyurethane casting resins which are then stored and should be easy to retrieve if required. An automated storage solution from Kardex Remstar enables the inventor workshop to meet customer requirements with regard to quality, precision and innovation.

Benefits at a glance

  • A total of 555 m² storage space in an area of only 25 m²
  • storage of 13,000 silicone molds in 13.40 m²
  • Integration of 15 meter high storage units in a concrete shaft
  • Kardex Remstar warehouse management software with interface to customer ERP


Located in Dornbirn, Austria, 1zu1 Prototypen is a leading enterprise for prototype and model construction and small series production. 1zu1 Prototypen creates models and small series in plastic and metal for customers in every branch of industry, with products ranging from catering tableware and leg prostheses to cable ducts. The company employs numerous sophisticated processes to achieve this goal.

Task definition

1zu1 Prototypen produces silicone tools with the aidof a prototype for the vacuum casting process fromwhich small series can then be created. The siliconemolds need to be stored for 18 months to facilitatesubsequent production where necessary. The centralrequirements which needed to be met by a futurestorage system demanded, on the one hand, asolution which was compact and could be integratedin a concrete shaft and, on the other, communicationwithout any diffi culty between the companyERP and the warehouse management software.


On moving into a new company building, 1zu1 Prototypen opted for astorage solution from Kardex Remstar following a careful selectionprocess. The fi rst two 15 m high Shuttle XP 500 units were integratedin a concrete shaft. 13,000 silicone molds are stored there for at leasteighteen months following the last customer order. The storeman activatesone of the two lifts every two to fi ve minutes. He labels thesilicone molds and scans the barcode during storage. A matrix is used tomeasure the mold, with the data acquired being entered in the system.Parts of the same height are stored on a tray which saves a considerableamount of space. The warehouse management software fromKardex Remstar assigns the optimum storage space and readies theappropriate tray. A positioning bar below the access opening aidsduring storage and retrieval. 1zu1 Prototypen has ordered a furtherShuttle XP 500, as around 8,000 molds are added each year. This is locatedtoday in the mechanical workshop. Mold inserts for rapid toolinginjection molds are also stored here.

Scope of delivery

  • 2 Shuttle XP 500 W x D x H: 1,250/2,450 x 864 x 15,250 mm)
  • 1 Shuttle XP 500 (W x D x H: 3,650 x 864 x 9,050 mm)
  • Warehouse management software from Kardex Remstar