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Stellba AG

storage of tools used in CNC production

Stellba AG in Dottikon (Switzerland) uses a Shuttle XP 500 storage lift that saves space, provides a better overview of the inventory, and supplies the tools used for production within the shortest space of time. These are needed in the area of CNC production to make individual parts that are delivered all over the world to customers in the fields of energy engineering and large-scale mechanics.

Advantages at a glance

  • Fast retrieval of 3,000 tools for CNC production
  • Good overview of the inventory
  • Ergonomic: ideal working height
  • Storage system on a 6.42 m2 footprint replaces 50 m2 of storage space
  • Shuttle XP 500 storage lift simple to operate


Stellba AG is an internationally operating company with around 70 employees. In Dottikon, an area measuring over 12,000 m2 is used for producing hard coating for machinery parts, performing weld overlay processes, and manufacturing precision parts. The finished products are delivered to customers in the fields of energy engineering and large-scale mechanics. The coating techniques are being enhanced continuously.

Task definition

Tools are needed to manufacture the products. Stellba previously stored these tools in various cabinets (see image background). However, the customer wanted a better system with improved organization. Further criteria included freeing up valuable space and being able to change the tools on the machines more quickly. The production area is mostly used to manufacture individual parts. As such, the new storage system had to guarantee that the tools could be clearly arranged and retrieved as quickly as possible.


The solution was to use a Shuttle XP 500 storage lift with a 6.42 m2 footprint to replace the 50 m2 of storage space previously occupied. Around 3,000 tools with a total weight of approximately 6,000 kg are stored in the Shuttle. The fl exibility of the storage lift makes it possible to give the tools individual sections and load them all in one single unit. The design of the Kardex Remstar storage system is so easy that every employee can operate the unit after a brief introduction and quickly retrieve the required tools. Once the tools and their holders have been used, they are returned to a serviceable condition and then put back in the Shuttle XP.

Scope of delivery

  • Shuttle XP 500 (W x D x H: 2,780 x 2,312 x 5,350 mm)
  • 33 trays with a load capacity of 450 kg per tray