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Schölly Fiberoptic

batch and multi-user picking of small parts

In a newly built factory the supplier of complex visualization systems wanted to link production and intralogistics with one another more efficiently. In addition, space had to be created in a small parts storage system for approximately 4,700 different components and small prefabricated parts.

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Sanitary storage of hospital supplies

The central hospital in Karlstad serves the whole county of Värmland in Sweden. The hospital has 3,200 employees, and they have about 600 patient beds and serve approximately 350,000 patients per year, including emergency visits. Their premises cover around 147,000 m² in total.

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Rising cost pressure, increasing globalisation and badly co-ordinated health policies: the pharmaceutical and medicine sector has been presented with more and more new challenges. However: prospects are not so bad considering the growing number of patients worldwide and the growing demand for the most modern treatment methods which will increasingly be paid for privately. Entering the battle for the generic drugs market is one answer to these changing circumstances. The other answer is: implement research and scientific knowledge as quickly as possible. Both mean that new technologies must be used and resources must be optimally utilised.

More momentum from A to Z

We will help you to create the leeway for your decisions. Through the highest dynamism in logistics processes from development, through production all the way to distribution. Whether stock control of packaging, containers and material, production provision or formula administration –optimisation and acceleration of the workflow is always at the forefront.

New methods, new possibilities

Distribution channels are also changing in the health industry – towards distributors and e-commerce. You can profit from our comprehensive experience with manufacturing and dispatch concepts and use the potential that they open up for you.

Assurance in the important questions

Who, what, when, how? The answer to these questions can be enormously important to you in certain situations. By exact collection, documentation and regulation of all relevant processes and systems traceability at all times is guaranteed by Kardex Remstar.

Flexible and open for everything

Our solutions can be incorporated into every logistics system. As an efficient warehouse, in manufacturing or as a buffer for a mail order operation. In addition, the Kardex Remstar warehouse administration software and pick and place facilities guarantee secure storage and retrieval at peak times too.

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