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Halba Chocolats

buffer storage for perishable confectionery

The Swiss confectioner wanted to use a buffer storage system to guarantee continuous production and increase productivity by ensuring that the manufacturing process didn’t have to be interrupted during shift or production changeovers.

Benefits at a glance

  • Buffer store, optimally integrated into all production processes
  • Uninterrupted production process and increase in productivity
  • Plannable product changes
  • Stainless steel carriers guarantee compliance with hygiene regulations
  • Return on Investment (ROI) in less than one year


Chocolats Halba in Wallisellen, Switzerland has been manufacturing and distributing the finest chocolate and confectionery products since 1933. Selected cocoa beans from diverse growing areas are cleaned, roasted, ground and transformed into chocolate mass. Chocolate bars and confectionery products are produced at the Wallisellen works, while the Hinwil site produces chocolates, pralines and seasonal products (such as chocolate bunnies). Chocolats Halba now employs 230 staff and produces around 10,000 tonnes of the finest chocolate each year.

Task definition

When manufacturing chocolate bunnies and other chocolate products, Chocolats Halba used to have to interrupt production processes with every change of shift or production. With the aid of a buffer store, the company wanted to implement continuous, uninterrupted production processes, shorten lead times and increase the production of chocolate products.


To improve the availability of the production system/facility, a Megamat RS 350 vertical carousel by Kardex Remstar was installed as a buffer store. Today, it is possible to temporarily store up to 3,000 chocolate bunnies. If production at the filling station or in the cooling department is interrupted, the staff can take the semi-finished products from the buffer store and finish and wrap them without interrupting the production process. During normal operation, productivity can be increased by 30 % by taking additional bunnies from the Megamat RS. The stainless steel carriers inside the vertical carousel ensure compliance with the strict hygiene regulations in food production.

Scope of delivery

  • Megamat RS 350 (W x D x H: 3,075 x 1,271 x 4,035 mm)
  • 13 carriers, each with a useable load of 350 kg
  • Illumination above the access opening
  • Carriers and chain made of stainless steel
  • Conveyor belt