cost-cutting storage of spare parts

The Norwegian car dealer set itself the aim of keeping 90 percent of all spare parts in stock on the premises. Establishing this service concept required fast processing times and also meant that efficient use had to be made of the available space.

Advantages at a glance

  • 129 m² storage space on a footprint of only 6 m²
  • 120 m² additional fl oor space, giving space to 3 more workshops and an increased annual net income of € 1 million
  • More storage space has allowed the company to buy in larger quantities of fast moving parts. Annual savings on quantity discounts and transport amount to more than € 200,000
  • Increased picking efficiency with one person less occupied in picking activities. Annual savings up to € 100,000
  • Safe and ergonomic picking processes
  • Reduced picking errors

The Customer

Frydenbø Bilsenter, Minde, is located in Bergen, a city on the west coast of Norway. The company is part of the Frydenbø Group. Frydenbø Bilsenter
is the authorized car dealer for Volvo and also provides service and repair works. The company was ranked the best selling Volvo dealer in Norway
in 2011.

Task definition

To be successful as a car dealer, you need to have an excellent service concept. Short lead times and full control over the parts on stock are a necessity. Frydenbø Bilsenter’s target is to have almost 90% of all the spare parts that need to be available at all times stored locally. Such a target requires efficient space utilization. Therefore, they decided to take a closer look on how dynamics storage systems can help them realize the ambitious targets in a cost efficient way.


Frydenbø Bilsenter chose in close cooperation with Kardex Remstar a paternoster Megamat RS. The unit is 5.4 m high and comprises 65 shelves with more than 4,600 locations. With this solution, the company saved them more than 120 m² fl oor space. This extra space was then used for repair stations that signifi cantly increased Frydenbø’s income. In addition, the RS unit improved the ergonomic working conditions for the operators picking spare parts in the warehouse.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Kardex Megamat RS 350 vertical carousel (paternoster) (W x D x H: 3,475 x 1,671 x 5,460 mm), with 65 shelves
  • The trays are equipped with 1,200 plastic bins providing a total of 4,600 locations