Sanitary storage of hospital supplies

Benefits at a glance

  • More time for patients: Nurses save 75% of their time
  • More space: The same amount of goods on only 10% of the floor space giving space for 4-5 more patients per fl oor
  • No picking errors: due to „pick-to-light“ operator prompting and handheld devices
  • More liquid money: Reduced capital bound in stock by 90%
  • More security: with 2 cold standby/backup PCs


The central hospital in Karlstad serves the whole county of Värmland in Sweden. The hospital has 3,200 employees, and they have about 600 patient beds and serve approximately 350,000 patients per year, including emergency visits. Their premises cover around 147,000 m² in total.

Task definition

The hospital extended their premises in 2010 to make their internal logistics smarter and more efficient. They concluded that the nurses needed roughly four hours per shift to pick and distribute items like gloves, injection materials, linen, etc. They also wanted to reduce the amount of stored items, which means capital bound in stock.


In close cooperation with Kardex Remstar, the optimal solution was defined: one Kardex Shuttle XP 500. The 25 m high storage solution has 5 access openings with LED pointers on each of the five floors. The unit was built in the middle of the new building. It is equipped with 125 trays and dividers in stainless steel for hygienic reasons. 10 location sizes for the different sizes of goods were defined and each stored item is allocated to a specific location size. Kardex Remstar also delivered the whole IT infrastructure, which is now integrated in the hospitals ERP. Also, 100% operational security is granted due to two backup PCs.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Shuttle XP 500 (W x D x H: 2,450 x 813 x 25,000 mm)
  • 125 trays, hygienic dividers
  • Handheld devices
  • LED pointers on each floor
  • Warehouse management software from Kardex Remstar integrated to customers ERP, 2 standby/backup PCs