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efficient retrieval of package inserts

The Israeli manufacturer of generic drugs was looking for a solution to optimize the storage and retrieval process for medicine package inserts in its new warehouse in Hungary. The aim was to speed up processes in order to save time and money.

Benefits at a glance

  • Improved effi ciency: the retrieval time is around ten minutes shorter for each order line
  • 60 % more storage space on the same fl oor space
  • Greater fl exibility afforded by being able to retrieve variable amounts of package inserts
  • Safe storage and protection from external infl uences
  • Open to future software integration


The Israeli company TEVA is among the 25 biggest pharmaceutical businesses in the world and a leader in the global generic drugs market. The pharmaceutical industry traditionally plays an important role in business life in Hungary. TEVA is involved in all areas of the country’s health care services, including hospitals, pharmacies, the wholesale medication sector, and the sales of therapeutic aids. In the Hungarian city of Debrecen, TEVA operates a storage and packaging center.

Task definition

At the TEVA site in Debrecen, package inserts for medication used to be stored on pallets. When planning a new storage and packaging center, the manager in charge sought a solution for optimizing the storage and retrieval process for package inserts. The aim was to speed up the packaging process to save time and money.


The new TEVA storage and packaging center has been operating in Debrecen since 2010. It employs around 15 people across three shifts. The package inserts are stored in three Shuttle XP 500 systems from Kardex Remstar. The vertical storage lifts are over 17 meters high and perfectly integrated in the building. They have access openings on four levels. The package inserts are systematically stored on the fi rst level. On the three levels above, where the packaging stations are located, they are retrieved at the touch of a button. Accordingly, every level has its own access opening, guaranteeing that the package inserts arrive at the packaging stations in a matter of seconds. Quality and safety are of great importance at TEVA. As such, there are clear rules who is allowed access to the storage systems.

Scope of delivery

  • 3 Shuttle XP 500 systems (W x D x H: 2,450 x 864 x 17,350 mm)
  • Access openings on four levels
  • 210 trays