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Metal Engineering

Ajan Elektronik

just-in-time retrieval for assembly

Ajan Elektronik was looking for an efficient storage and retrieval solution to save space and guarantee a fast and reliable supply of a wide range of parts for the production area.

Benefits at a glance

  • Just-in-time retrieval is 20 times faster
  • Integration in the production process means employees have to cover less distance
  • 90 percent less storage space needed: 1,000 m² storage capacity on a footprint of just 100 m²
  • Custom solution for storing light, heavy, and/or long parts


Ajan Elektronik was founded 40 years ago by the brothers Mehmet and Mustafa Kerim Cinarli. The company grew in size in the 1990s by manufacturing electrical discharge machines. With this expertise, Ajan launched plasma cutting machines onto the Turkish market in 2000. The Cinarlis now have their own facilities in Russia. Other markets include the USA, Estonia, Poland, India, and Brazil. The company employs around 260 people worldwide and the number is rising.

Task definition

Ajan Elektronik operates two production facilities in Çiğli, north of Izmir. The company was looking for a suitable storage and retrieval solution that would quickly and reliably supply the production halls with parts while also saving space on the expensive industrial park where it is located. It had to be capable of storing the parts needed to produce large sheet metal working machines, which can be up to 44 meters long, including small plastic parts, electronic components, extremely long and heavy pipes and profi les, and ceramic articles. There also had to be room for spare parts in the new solution.


Kardex Remstar recommended the use of automated storage systems. A total of 23 units in four different weight classes (Shuttle XP 500, 700, 1000; Megamat RS 650) are currently being used, which means the customer now has the right solution for every application, regardless of the load class and product geometry. Effi ciency at Ajan has improved signifi cantly since using the solution. The retrieval
process alone is now 20 times faster. While six employees used to be needed to process 12 production orders in an eight-hour shift, now only two employees are used to process 25 orders in two and a half hours. Storage position displays located below the access opening ensure the error-free retrieval of stored goods. The amount of storage space needed has also been drastically reduced. “Kardex has
saved us a warehouse,” says Nihat Cinarli, export manager at Ajan.

Scope of delivery

  • 11 Shuttle XP 500, 6 Shuttle XP 700, 4 Shuttle XP 1000, 2 Megamat RS 650 (all units 8,050 mm high)
  • Kardex Remstar’s own Power Pick Global warehouse management software with an interface to the customers ERP
  • MDE devices, bins, and position display bar