Metal Engineering


 storage of semi-finished parts

Due to increased demand, the machine tool manufacturer Schneeberger Lineartechnik planned to expand its production capacity with a special focus on making optimal use of the available space and reducing picking times.

Benefits at a glance

  • Space saving:49 m2 storage space on a footprint of 6 m2
  • Modular design
  • More efficiency through fast access


SCHNEEBERGER® Lineartechnik produces linear bearings, profiled guideways, measuring systems, gear racks, slides, positioning systems and mineral casting.
SCHNEEBERGER® offers global support to the needs of renowned and successful OEM clients in the machine tool, solar and semi-conductor sector as well as in electronic industries and medical technology.

Task definition

MINIRAIL and Minislide, these are two products of a family of miniature rails systems that have recently proved their excellence in particular in the sector of medical and semi-conductor technology. Optimal running characteristics, rigidity, robustness, corrosion resistance and compatibility with cleanroom and vacuum capabilities have lead to a considerably increased demand within a very short time. As a result of this the company has planned to expand its production capacities while at the same time optimising their available room space.


Megamat RS 350 replaces 3-4 conventional cabinets with regard to the storage and retrieval of miniature rails and their accessory parts. With the vertical carousel system, it was possible to realise a storage space of 49 m2 on a floor space of only 6 m2. An emergency hand crank guarantees unrestricted access to the stored articles even in the event of a power cut. The Megamat RS 350 was installed in the basement, an area where every single square metre counts. Thanks to the modular design the pre-assembled side parts were easily installed on site. The machine is used as a standalone solution and is controlled by the C3000 control system.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Megamat RS 350 (B x T x H: 3.675 x 1.671 x 2.885 mm)
  • 13 carriers, each with a useable load of 350kg
  • Available storage space: 49 m2
  • Total useable load: 7.2 t