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Food Sector

Miller Bäckerei

retrieval of ingredients

After constructing a new building, the manufacturer of bread and other baked goods wanted to make more efficient use of its storage capacity and also establish clearer monitoring and management of its perishable goods.

Benefits at a glance

  • Faster access to the baking ingredients
  • Better control of the inventory through “drive and view” technology
  • Improved hygiene: ingredients are kept in closed plastic containers
  • Easy and fast cleaning of all machine parts
  • Customer-specific programming
  • Picking and putting of goods directly in the bakehouse
  • Space saving through optimal use of available room
  • More than 300% more storage space


Since 1899 and for 4 generations in a row, Bäckerei Miller in Edelstetten/Germany, a family-run bakery with 24 employees and 4 different branches. They has been supplying its customers every day with more than 8,000 fresh bread rolls, 600 loaves of bread and many other bakery and confectionary products.

Task definition

Previously, all ingredients at the Miller bakery had been stored in cardboard boxes, bins and bags and piled up to a height of three meters in a conventional and much too small racking system on a floor space of only 12 qm2. This also meant that it was never really clear just how many goods were stocked on the racks. As the Miller bakery had grown considerably over the past years, a new building was constructed in which a Megamat RS was to be integrated to create the urgently needed additional storage space.


The Megamat RS vertical carousel was installed over two floors, with one access opening in the cellar and one in the new bakehouse. With a footprint of only 5.80 qm2 and a height of 6.41 m, the Megamat RS offers up to 85 qm2 of storage space, which means more than sufficient room for the fast and easy handling of a daily load of around 800 kilos of flour, ingredients, bread and cake mixtures and packaging material all of which is required in the bakery. The goods are stored in up to 168 tightly sealed 40 x 40 x 60 cm plastic bins. During baking times, the automatic door at the access opening remains closed all the time to prevent dust and heat from the bakehouse from getting into the storage system. Also, the Megamat carousel has been programmed in such a way that all carriers with heat-sensitive oils and fats are kept in the cooler environment of the cellar when the system is not operating.

Scope of delivery

  • Megamat RS 350 (W x D x H: 3,475 x 1,671 x 6,410 mm)
  • Unit control C3000
  • Multiple / opposite access openings / automatic doors
  • 24 carriers, each with a useable load of 302 kg
  • Custom-fit unit height