Warehouse & Distribution


Efficient e-commerce for health, beauty, and medicare

Med24 is a Danish e-commerce company focused on health, beauty, and medicare. Its aim is to give customers an excellent shopping experience by offering low prices, fast delivery, and the largest choice of products in the Nordic countries. With growth of over 400 % in the past three years and more than 10,000 products in stock, the company uses automated storage systems from Kardex Remstar to guarantee cost efficiency, speed, and customer satisfaction.

Advantages at a glance

  • ROI: 2 years
  • Reduced picking space: from 1,000 m2 to 200 m2
  • Reduced order picking time: 60 % (from 100–120 lines/hour to 250–300 lines/hour)
  • Less picking staff required: from 7–9 persons to 3–4 persons
  • Quick training of new staff: full picking speed after only 2–3 hours (compared to 2–3 months)


Med24 was founded in Løkken (Denmark) in 2005. The e-commerce company specializes in wellbeing products and is approved by the Danish Medicines Agency. They employ 50 people, including pharmacy assistants, dieticians and beauticians that give professional advice to their customers and 25 persons working in the 1,200 m2 warehouse, handling orders and incoming goods.

Task definition

During a typical working day, the Med24 picking team handles about 4,500 order lines (with approx. 1,500 orders and 3 lines per order). With the amount of articles steadily growing

by 15 % per year, finally reaching over 10,000 items, the warehouse eventually became too small to efficiently store, pick and pack the products on stock. The company needed to find ways to optimize their floor space, keep their productivity up and delivery times down. To stay ahead of the game, they started looking for solutions that would use their square meters in the best possible manner.


In order to increase the warehouse capacity of Med24, Kardex Remstar installed 6 Megamat RS 350. Three months later, they installed 3 more. “This kind of scalability is essential to us. Knowing that we can add machines through a smooth process, gives us great flexibility as we continue to grow” says Nils K. Træholt, owner and director at Med24. Thanks to the automated storage system, Med24 have optimized their floor space by storing 90 % of their products (9,000 articles) in a 200 m2 picking area. The warehouse management software Power Pick Global with the color picking option, has allowed them to increase their efficiency, picking up to 50 orders simultaneously and reducing picking time by 60 %. The ease of use has also contributed to quick training of new staff, reaching full picking speed after only 2-3 hours on the job (compared to 2-3 months). “Megamat RS 350 has proven to be the perfect storage solution for us. Excellent space utilization and high efficiency has made our business much more competitive”, Nils K. Træholt concludes

Scope of delivery

  • 9 Megamat RS 350 (W x D x H: 3,675 x 1,671 x 7,110 mm)
  • Power Pick Global warehouse management software from Kardex Remstar
  • Color picking with trolleys