Focus on: efficient retrieval of tools and spare parts

New addition to the Megamat RS vertical carousel family

Companies count on the optimum maintenance of their production facilities to avoid cost- and time-consuming downtimes. This, in turn, depends on the efficient procurement and stocking of accessories, tools and spare parts. The Kardex Remstar Megamat RS 180 is the perfect solution for this implementation area.

The availability of tools and spare parts has a direct impact on process costs and maintenance efficiency. Crucial criteria include high supply reliability, fast reaction times, short distances, and optimum stock control. With the Megamat RS 180, the latest generation of the proven RS vertical carousel family, companies are guaranteed fast access to accessories, tools and spare parts in the workshop and on the production line, verifiably optimizing processes and costs.

When maximum availability comes first

As Marc A. Zenses, Manager Solution/Product Management at Kardex Remstar explains: “In terms of durability, functionality and user friendliness the new Megamat RS 180 matches with the rest of the product family. With the RS series we now cover three load classes, with the latest Megamat addition serving the lightweight class up to 180 kilograms.“ The compact design of the Megamat RS 180 offers maximum storage capacity in a minimum of space. This high-density storage option can increase capacity by up to 80 percent. Freed-up space can, for instance, be used to set up repair bays and thus generate more revenue. The Megamat RS 180 can also be directly integrated into the production line, so that the right selection of tools can be efficiently accessed in a space-saving solution close to the production process.

Well-organized, modular and versatile

The new Megamat RS 180 is available in heights of up to 7.5 meters. The vertical carousel can be used as a stand-alone or combined solution as required. Multifunction multipurpose carriers permit the storage of a wide range of goods from small items to more sophisticated modules and components. Thanks to “Drive and View“, operators can always keep an exact check on stock levels.

Up to 40 percent less energy consumption

The Megamat RS 180 can be put into service in the shortest of times. The carousel modules are pre-assembled at the Kardex Remstar factory where they are also pre-tested. The high energy efficiency is largely due to a new drive technology: thanks to the interaction of smaller electric motor, highly efficient gear box and frequency converter the Megamat RS 180 uses up to 40 per cent less energy.

Perfected safety and ergonomics concept

The Megamat RS 180 is equipped with a multi-stage safety system for the protection of both personnel and stored goods. The smooth-action sliding door, for instance, ensures easy handling and uninterrupted operation. Access authorizations can be optionally granted to specific persons. In the event of power failure, the emergency crank wheel guarantees permanent access to the stored goods. In addition, the ergonomic design of the Megamat RS 180 improves the working conditions of operating personnel.