Horizontal Carousels brought up to date

Kardex Remstar redesigns horizontal storage and retrieval systems

The Horizontal Carousel is an automated storage and retrieval system that is ideal for applications where high picking performance is required in production and distribution. The intralogistics supplier Kardex Remstar has now redesigned the successful product family to make it even more flexible and scalable.

 The Horizontal Carousel is in use wherever fast reaction times and short delivery times define the business. Orders can be picked efficiently with this system, which is suitable for lower buildings with its single-story design and maximum height of about four meters. The Horizontal Carousel is especially useful when high order picking performance is required. Strategies such as batch picking, multi-user picking, or cross picking can be employed with Kardex Remstar’s own Power Pick Global warehouse management software, allowing a picker to process up to 400 order lines per hour in one picking station. Order picking performance can be increased even further at peak times by using a second or third picker.

More flexible carriers

In keeping with the “less is more” principle, the carrier design has been overhauled. A new adjustable space measuring 38 mm provides twice as many carrier mounting options for even greater flexibility and storage capacity. In addition, there are now more variable options for mounting the carriers. Besides the mounting option sloped toward the rear, the carriers can now also be mounted horizontally with a slope toward the front. The 14 mm raised edge on each carrier prevents the goods from slipping off. This means that goods are optimally secured in the horizontal position or sloped toward the front. Furthermore, the carrier thickness of 26 mm provides stability and is also suitable for bearing higher point loads. Depending on the version, the individual carriers can bear loads of up to 450 kg, 680 kg, or 900 kg.

More easily scalable

An even more modular and lightweight design was chosen for the steel structure as part of the redesign. In addition, the number of components has been reduced. Once installed, systems can be scaled down or extended at any time, allowing the intralogistics to be adapted to the customer’s business growth. Unit lengths of up to 46.7 meters are possible, with a maximum load capacity of 54.4 metric tons per unit. Existing hall pillars can also be integrated into the unit structure in order to make optimal use of the available footprint.

Fewer downtimes

The drive system in the unit has been newly designed so that the motor and gears can be exchanged more quickly and easily if the unit is extended or the load capacity is increased. This means fewer downtimes for the customer and thus even higher availability of their order picking system.