Product Overview

Vertical Lift Systems

Store and pick goods efficiently while benefiting from maximum storage density

The Shuttle XP vertical storage lift system from Kardex Remstar is a highly flexible solution for managing a number of storage and retrieval applications in a wide range of industries.

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Vertical Carousels

The best of both worlds. The fusion of progress and tradition in storage technology

The Megamat RS is an automated vertical carousel using the paternoster principle. It uses the “goods to person” concept for items with a high picking frequency – especially suitable for frequently accessed goods.

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Horizontal Carousel

An efficient solution for fast storage and picking

A Horizontal Carousel from Kardex Remstar saves time with rapid, direct and reliable access.

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Vertical Buffer Module

Scale your intra-logistics

From highly dense storage of spare parts and tools for your production operation to picking of small parts in your warehouse, the Vertical Buffer Module sets standards in terms of speed, precision, and energy efficiency.

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Heavy Duty Units

Storage and retrieval solutions for extremely heavy and long goods

With the Towermat and Intermat heavy-duty units, Kardex Remstar has developed the ideal solution for companies that wish to store oversized and extremely heavy goods in an efficient, safe, and space-saving manner.

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Kardex Remstar Software & Controls

Power Pick Global

Cut travel time when picking goods, significantly reduce order picking times, unlock valuable warehouse resources, and increase productivity with Power Pick Global.

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Drive and JMIF

Solutions for networking external management systems with dynamic storage technology.

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Logicontrol 100/200

Innovation at the touch of a button: The intelligent generation of control units for automated storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar.

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