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Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel

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Fast reaction times, high throughput and short delivery periods – these are only a few of the criteria distribution centres require for modern and efficient warehouse logistics. It is exactly at this point where the automated Horizontal Carousels from Kardex Remstar come into action: They can be flexibly adapted to all kinds of tasks and allow picking orders to be efficiently processed.

Advantages. Nine good reasons for optimum picking performance

Kardex Remstar’s Horizontal Carousel is an efficient and flexible picking solution for successful warehouse management in various application areas. Its particular advantages include

Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel

The carrier concept for maximum flexibility

The modular carrier and shelf concept from Kardex Remstar provides supreme comfort, high stability, and maximum safety.

Every product is different. Similarly, every customer is different and each has their own challenges, which are constantly changing. So it is ideal when they can rely on a modular concept for standard carriers and shelves. And it is even better when they can mount the shelves in the way that best suits their needs. The Horizontal carousel can do all of this.

Shelves can be mounted

  • tilted forward
  • horizontally
  • tilted backward

Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel

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Carrier design with 38 mm spacing

Carrier design with 38 mm spacing

A smaller spacing of 38 mm and twice this number of hook options for shelves: This is the formula for success of the Horizontal Carousel for increased warehouse capacity and flexibility. With a specific shelf spacing and using standard bins, you can gain one or se­veral shelf levels.

EXCLUSIVE: Shelf with 180° rotation

Shelf with 180° rotation

Since the shelves can be rotated 180 degrees, they can be used in a number of different ways, significantly improving the handling of items and creating more flexibility when storing and retrieving goods.

The 14 mm front lip on each shelf prevents slipping of the stored goods. Thus, the stored goods are optimally secured also in a horizontal and tilted forward position.

EXCLUSIVE: Shelf thickness of 26 mm

EXCLUSIVE: Shelf thickness of 26 mm

Shelves need to be able to carry and withstand a lot. The robust shelf helps to reduce shelf deflection against higher concentrated load.

A shelf lock can be installed as an option.This minimises the vibration noise of unloaded shelves, since they are connected to the carrier at the cross bar. Another plus: Safety and installation availability are increased, since autonomous disengagement is prevented for empty shelves.

Technical Data – Horizontal Carousel

Discover the horizontal dimension of your storage space

Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel

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Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel


Efficiency for a wide range of requirements

Whether used as a compact L-shaped two-carousel station to save space and manpower, as a U-shaped three- and four-carousel station for managing large inventories, or as a multistory system on several levels, Kardex Remstar has an efficient solution for every individual requirement.

Dual station

  • I- or L-shaped configuration shortens distance traveled and simplifies order picking
  • Suitable for rooms up to three meters high
  • Can be operated by one person

Triple and Quadruple stations

  • L-, I-, or U-shaped installation possible
  • Ideal for a larger product mix depth that is picked very frequently
  • Suitable for rooms up to three meters high
  • Faster order picking by using several operators at the same time

Multilevel stations

  • Formation of multiple stations for more wide-ranging requirements
  • Multilevel station, where two or three Horizontal Carousels are arranged above one another (each at least 2.5 meters high)
  • Autonomous order picking performed by one operator on each level
  • Optional installation of conveyor technology for the smooth flow of materials between the levels
  • For rooms up to nine meters high

Tall station with lifting platform

  • Combination of between two and four Horizontal Carousels, each four meters high
  • Picker transported to the retrieval location by a lifting platform
  • Division into two to three picking zones to optimize the picking time
  • For rooms up to 4.5 meters high

Unit dimensions

Carousel length: 5,900 mm to 46,700 mm
Number of carriers: The maximum number is dependent on the carrier width (CW):
CW 622 mm: 16 to 120 carriers
CW 825 mm: 14 to 100 carriers
CW 960 mm: 12 to 90 carriers
Carrier width: 622 mm, 825 mm, 960 mm
Carrier depth: 460 mm, 560 mm, 610 mm
Carrier height: 1,854 mm to 3,658 mm
Load capacity
Carrier payload: 450 kg, 680 kg and 900 kg
Payload per shelf: 90 kg
Performance data
Rotational speed: 24 m/min
Motors: 1.5 kW or 2.7 kW
Shelf spacing
Standard: 38 mm, special spacing available on request
Carrier with closed rear wall and/or side walls made of perspex
Shelf lock
Closely meshed shelf

Controlled environments. Controlled storage conditions

Special storage conditions are often required for parts, raw materials, and products. Depending on your individual needs, we supply four optional environment solutions, which we individually integrate into your storage and retrieval system. As a result, your sensitive goods are optimally protected at all times.

Advantages at a glance

  • Low operating costs
  • Absolutely secure storage of sensitive parts
  • Lower investment costs compared to conventional solutions
  • Room-in-room solutions; independent cell can be located in the gray area
  • Free positioning ensures flexibility; no structural restrictions

Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel

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We can draw on various product enhancements in the area of controlled storage to meet your needs. These include temperature-controlled, humidity-controlled, and clean room storage environments in accordance with ISO standards. Furthermore, we can supply you with various solutions in the area of active and passive fire protection.

They include storage:

  • in a controlled temperature ranging from –35 °C to +60 °C (depending on the type of unit)
  • under clean room storage conditions compliant with EN-ISO classes 5 to 8
  • under controlled humidity: 10% relative humidity
  • with comprehensive fire protection

Kardex Remstar solutions have been designed for storing products under special environmental conditions. They are particularly aimed at companies in the following sectors:

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Medicine and pharma
  • Optics
  • Chemistry
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft construction
  • Food

With these solutions, which can be installed as stand-alone products or in combination with one another, we supply you with an efficient total package to meet your needs.

Find out how Kardex Remstar environment solutions can help you to store your sensitive goods. We will be happy to advise you.

Temperature. Storage at constant temperatures

A growing number of goods are temperature-sensitive and require constant storage temperatures.

For such requirements, we can optionally equip our storage systems with a climate function capable of maintaining storage temperatures of between –35 °C to +60 °C. Accordingly, carousel systems such as the Megamat RS can store goods at temperatures of between -25 °C and +60 °C. The Shuttle XP storage lift can maintain temperatures ranging from –35 °C to +60 °C.

All components installed in our storage systems are designed to operate at the required temperatures to ensure optimal performance. The systems are cooled with eco-friendly coolants.

Kardex Remstar climate solution:

  • Store goods at temperatures as low as –35 °C
  • Store goods at a maximum temperature of up to +60 °C
  • Temperature remains constant +/–1 K
  • Dependent on the type of unit

Clean room. Clean room solutions for a particle-free environment

Companies in a wide range of sectors – including semiconductor manufacturers, aircraft builders, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and optical companies –generally all have particular requirements in relation to their storage environment. Our storage and retrieval systems provide the solution here, because they guarantee storage of goods under the right conditions.

The Kardex Remstar clean room solution gives you the option to store your sensitive items (e.g., particle-free components for semiconductor production). If you require a separate clean room for your goods, the unit can also be supplied as a stand-alone clean room.

Kardex Remstar clean room solution:

  • Clean room classes ranging from EN-ISO 5 to 8 (5 on request)
  • Temperature remains constant +/–1 K
  • Positive/negative pressure
  • Hygienic design

Drying. Sustainable solution for controlling humidity in storage areas

We have refined our dynamic storage and retrieval systems especially for the semiconductor industry and provided the option to control the relative air humidity.

The solution is designed in accordance with the international guidelines of the JEDEC (Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council) and is thus particularly suitable for the semiconductor industry.

Kardex Remstar dry solution:

  • 10% relative humidity through nitrogen purging
  • Adsorption drying (application: storage of SMD components)
  • ESD-compatible design

Fire protection. Innovative fire protection: Extinguish fires with no undesirable effects

Effective fire protection pays off, because in an emergency situation it’s not just fire and smoke that cause damage, but also non-residue-free extinguishing agents. This is why we offer our customers a residue-free gas-based extinguishing system.

Residue-free and low reaction
The earliest possible detection of fire helps to discover it during its formation phase, so that the extinguishing system can be activated.

This involves permanently monitoring the situation by taking air samples and testing them for smoke particles. If a fire is detected, the extinguishing system is activated. The storage unit and the goods remain protected while the fire is extinguished. Nitrogen is used for this purpose, a residue-free inert gas.

In the event of a fire it is gently released into the storage system. The extinguishing system complies with VdS guideline 2380 and provides outstanding protection for the stored goods and the storage system.

Kardex Remstar fire protection solution:

  • Residue-free fire extinguishing with early warning system
  • Individual acceptance test possible in accordance with FM Global requirements
  • Goods and the storage unit remain intact in the event of a fire
  • Fewer downtimes
  • Available as a turnkey solution