Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel

For higher performance and fast delivery times

The Horizontal Carousels are generally arranged in stations to achieve high order picking performance. The following layouts are possible, depending on the site size and design.

Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel

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Dual stations

The L-shaped dual station with its access openings arranged in a right angle to each other is suitable for a room height of up to 3 meters and can be comfortably operated by just one person. Moreover, the L-shape reduces the distance travelled by the picker by 1 meter compared to the I-shape, which facilitates handling and saves time.

Triple and Quadruple stations

For triple and quadruple stations – they are ideal for a wide range of items that require frequent access –, the layout is usually L-shaped. Alternatively, the layout can be U-shaped or – if all machines have the same length – I-shaped. This allows for picking with several operators.

Multilevel stations

For more comprehensive systems, multilevel stations can meet the requirements of a great variety of different material flow strategies. In multilevel stations with protruding platforms – here, two or three Horizontal Carousels of a height of 2.5 meters are stacked one above the other – allow for picking and putting on different floor levels. Each level operates independently; the operating and picking stations are located on the respective floor level. A conveyor system can be installed in order to ensure the material flow between the different levels. The multilevel stations are suitable for a maximum room height of 9 meters.

With a tall station, an existent ware­house height of 4.5 meters is put to optimum use. A lifting platform always brings the operator to the appropriate height for ergonomic picking. To optimise time management, the height of the installation is divided into two to three picking zones by the Power Pick Global warehouse management system: All items in one zone are picked before the lifting table moves to the next zone.

Multilevel station

Tall station with lifting platform