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Kardex Remstar Drive and JMIF

Innovative communication solutions to link to external systems

Solutions for networking external management systems with dynamic storage technology.

Kardex Remstar Drive

All dynamic storage systems from Kardex Remstar and many systems from other manufacturers can be controlled using Kardex Remstar Drive directly from SAP®. The management of the storage space is handled completely by the leading SAP® system.

The advantages of Kardex Remstar Drive:

  • Complete integration of Kardex Remstar Drive into SAP®
  • Simple installation with no training period
  • Simple integration into customer-specific processes and a reduction in the amount of training needed
  • Can be installed without endangering or influencing existing processes
  • Available languages: German, English, French, and Dutch (a tool for translating into other languages is integrated)

Kardex Remstar JMIF (Java Machine Interface)

JMIF is a tool used for communicating between dynamic storage technology and external systems (e.g. warehouse management systems, handling equipment, robots, conveyor technology, signal lights, WMS).

The advantages of Kardex Remstar JMIF:

  • Can be used across platforms thanks to Java® technology
  • Based on widely used and intensively tested open source components
  • Executable as a service or in a console without a user interface
  • Highly paralleled (multithreaded)
  • Several machines can be controlled without compromising performance
  • Highly configurable with a wide range of options