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Kardex Remstar Logicontrol 100/200:

The machine-based control center for Kardex Remstar storage systems

Innovation at the touch of a button: The intelligent generation of control units for automated storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar.

The machine-based control center, consisting of hardware, software, and a control unit with touch screen, is a highly efficient solution for order picking and retrieval. The required item can be stored away or retrieved with just a few clicks. The Logicontrol system combines various functions in one panel and – depending on requirements – is available in two versions:

Logicontrol 100 –
“Pen & Paper”

The standard function on the Kardex Remstar control center, the Logicontrol 100, replaces classic paperwork. Error-free storage and retrieval is made easy for the user thanks to a simple item list. An item just has to be given an allocated storage space. A fully alphanumerical keyboard is optionally available.

Logicontrol 200 –
warehouse and inventory management

The Logicontrol 200 is based on the functions of the Logicontrol 100, but also features simple storage space management, which allocates the items either a fixed or variable storage location.

This gives the user an overview of the material flow and inventory at all times. A total of up to 8,000 different items, 8,000 different storage spaces, seven bin sizes, and a network of up to three machines can be managed at the same time. An external Ethernet interface for connecting a PC or laptop is included in this control center version.

Logitools –
the administration tool for Logicontrol 200

The Logitools Web application for administrative purposes can be accessed via a Web browser and allows the database to be edited.

The following functions are available:

  • Database backup and recovery
  • Data import, export, and migration
  • Data editing and deletion
  • The integrated journal and list function helps the user to track activities and find or print data.