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Vertical Buffer Module

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Always the right solution: The Vertical Buffer Module product family from Kardex Remstar is made up of many different versions, each optimally geared towards your individual requirements.

Advantages. Many good arguments

Vertical Buffer Module

Energy efficiency by design

Save energy instead of recovering it: A Vertical Buffer Module uses just a third of the energy of comparable systems. The use of the latest technologies and innovative design features makes this energy efficiency possible. Complex energy recovery is not necessary.

Vertical Buffer Module

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The following features are primarily responsible for the low energy consumption

  • Innovative drive technology
  • Advanced design of the automatic handling system
  • Highly efficient motors
  • Optimally configured frequency converters

Storage of bins and trays

High flexibility through mixed storage

The flexible design of the Vertical Buffer Module enables mixed storage of bins and trays of various dimensions. Each bin and tray in the Kardex Remstar LR 35 can accommodate a load of up to 35 kg, with a maximum storage capacity of 3,300 bins or trays. The total load capacity is 63 t.

Vertical Buffer Module

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Mixed bins of various dimensions can be stored in a Vertical Buffer Module. The bins are divided into two width/depth versions in order to optimize the unit variation. Goods measuring up to four different heights can be stored and managed.

The following standard bins and trays can be stored by the system:

  • Euro containers measuring between 600 x 400 mm and 640 x 440 mm with a solid base

Components. Meet the highest standards

Various access openings and picking stations are available for the Vertical Buffer Module. The variable configuration permits maximum flexibility and makes it possible to optimally adapt the unit to the prevailing circumstances. Up to four access openings can be fitted on the end face, front, or rear of each unit.

Vertical Buffer Module

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Picking station

The turntable is the key element of the picking station. Tilted at a 20° angle, it is particularly ergonomic and thus easy to operate.

While the operator is picking the order the next bin or tray is being prepared in the background and placed on the rear shelf of the turntable. As soon as the operator has finished picking one order the turntable rotates by 180° and the next bin is ready for picking.

Single access opening

The single access opening is ideal for controlled access to individual bins, containing valuable tools and equipment, in conjunction with user administration.

Conveyor connection

The Vertical Buffer Module can easily be connected to existing conveyor technology, either for manual storage and retrieval of bins and trays or for automatic operation and transfer to the existing material flow. The connection can be fitted on the end face, front, or rear. The conveyor connection has been designed for permanent filling and retrieval of entire bins, further increasing order picking performance.

One piece flow

Connecting Servus ARC links the incoming goods section, storage, production, and the outgoing goods section in one complete flow process.

Diverse options

The greatest flexibility for every need

The Vertical Buffer Module series features a broad range of optional extras, providing the greatest flexibility in the warehouse. Components can largely be integrated before or after installation thanks to the modular design. This means that the system can be precisely configured to meet the most diverse needs. 

Vertical Buffer Module

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Access openings

Various access openings and picking stations are available for the Vertical Buffer Module. Up to four of them can be fitted on the end face, front, or rear of a unit. The different types of access opening can be combined with one another in one unit.

Position indicator

The indicator located on the display of the control panel helps the operator to identify the storage location in the bin/tray. A long and time-consuming search for the requested item is no longer necessary. The position indicator quickly and reliably guides the operator to the right place.

LED lighting

 The externally located LED lighting integrated in a canopy above the access opening simplifies the task of the picker, especially in problematic light conditions. The lighting can be switched on and off via the user display.

Optical status signals

The optical status signals assist the operator while picking orders and storing away goods. A long and time-consuming search is no longer necessary. The optical picking signals quickly and reliably guide the operator to the right place.

Fixed bar code scanner

A fixed bar code scanner is optionally available for the units. This automatically scans the bin bar code so that the bin can be booked into the unit software and stored away.

Fixed RFID scanner

A fixed RFID scanner is also available instead of the fixed bar code scanner. It can perform the same functions as the fixed bar code scanner.

ESD version

ESD protection is available to protect the stored goods from electrostatic discharge. The ESD version requires the Vertical Buffer Module to be equipped with ESD-compatible bins/trays.

Fire protection

Cover plates with hot-melt film and openings for sprinklers are available to meet the customers’ fire protection requirements. It is possible to install gas nozzle pipes or sprinkler pipes for gas or water extinguishing systems in the area of the field reinforcements.

Mixed storage

A mix of bins and trays of various widths (e.g., 600 x 400 mm, 640 x 440 mm, or 625 x 425 mm) can be stored in one unit. The trays have useable inner dimensions of at least 610 x 410 mm and are between 40 and 75 mm high. They serve as carriers for storing bins, cardboard boxes, or small parts.

Automatic height detection

Each access opening is fitted with an excess height control system as standard. Goods measuring up to four different heights can be stored and managed.

Clearance control

This option serves to protect sensitive and valuable items and reduce the risk of crash situations. Vertical light barriers monitor any impermissible excess bin height in the aisle area. In the event of an error, either the machinery does not start moving or its movement is interrupted and an error message is reported.

Confirmation button

An externally located confirmation button is optionally available for the picking station. The operator can use this to confirm storage or retrieval. The confirmation button is integrated in the access opening / picking station.

RFID scanner for user login

An optional RFID scanner is integrated in the console of the operator panel for user login by chip.

Extra socket and interfaces

An externally located socket and various interfaces (2x USB, 1x Ethernet) are optionally available for the picking station.

LED pointer

The LED pointer is used for the reliable identification of retrieval and storage positions at picking stations. It is a fixed high-power LED light source and generates a spot of light that is projected directly into the retrieval/storage compartment of a bin/tray using a controllable mirror. Every single compartment position can be individually selected with no preset calibration. The item to be removed is specifically highlighted by the spot of light and can thus be easily identified by the operator.