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Kardex Remstar Shuttle® XP

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The Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift Family features automated high-bay storage systems with a modular design. The system works in line with the goods-to-person principle – ideal for optimal storage density and flexible, efficient storage strategies.

Advantages. Eight reasons to choose the Shuttle XP

Tray accessories. Organization for all items

Every tray can be configured with partitions, dividers, totes, bins, containers or special fixtures to meet your exact storage needs. Perfectly matching the dimensions of the stored goods with those of the tray ensures maximum storage density, better organization, and faster retrieval times.

Application Areas

  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Tools and dies
  • Holders
  • Fixtures
  • Finished Goods
  • Buffer storage

Kardex Remstar Shuttle® XP

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Bins and containers

Totes, bins, and containers are custom-made and precisely tailored to conform with the required tray dimensions, ensuring that every millimeter of storage space is utilized! Versatile and easy to handle, they are the perfect solution for any dynamic storage system. Conveyor performance and safety is enhanced by the containers’ lightweight yet robust construction. Totes, bins, and containers can be further subdivided to create smaller storage locations if necessary. Each storage location can be labeled for quick and easy recognition when picking goods.

Dividers and partitions

Tray dividers help you to streamline your operations, save space, and also provide an immediate overview of, and fast access to, the stored goods. Using partitions and dividers, you can create the exact number of storage locations you require in each tray. You can also determine the size of each storage location; matching the storage location size to the size of the stored goods maximizes storage density. Each storage location can be labeled with a part number or description, speeding up the retrieval of stored parts. Partitions and dividers can be easily reconfigured at any time to accommodate changes in the size or quantity of stored goods.

Holders and special equipment

All kinds of special holders can be used for organized storage and retrieval of tools, dies, and fixtures. They permit easy access and handling. In addition, it is easier to use cranes and lifting equipment with automatic or manual tray extraction devices. For special applications, the access opening can be placed at the floor level, providing easy access by forklifts.

Components. Useful components of the highest quality

By fully utilizing the available room height and storing goods in 25-millimeter increments, the Shuttle XP offers maximum capacity on a minimal footprint. Every single tray is scanned with the help of Optiflex technology and electronic height measurement to facilitate highly dense storage.

This technology makes it possible to store items of various heights – from the smallest screw to a box or pallet – efficiently in one unit. Each unit is equipped with various safety devices to ensure the optimal safety of the operating personnel and stored goods. Among other things, these include shutter doors in each access opening and a safety light curtain, which is positioned directly in front of the access opening and monitors the entire workspace.

Application areas

  • Order picking
  • Batch picking
  • Consolidation
  • Sorting
  • Replenishment

Kardex Remstar Shuttle® XP

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The extractor transports the requested tray either directly to the access opening or back to a free storage location within the unit at high speed and at the touch of a button or by scanning a bar code.

Shutter doors

Shutter doors are fitted as standard on every unit to protect personnel, the machinery, and the stored goods as well as to reduce noise emissions and draughts.

L-profiles in the access opening

The side walls of the access opening are fitted with L-profiles, allowing several trays to be positioned in the access opening (double-access handling). In addition, the working position can be individually adjusted to the height of the operator.

Safety light barrier

When the safety light barrier directly in front of the access opening is activated, all movements on the unit are immediately halted.

Energy-efficient storage solutions. Technically and environmentally sound – now and in the future

Don’t recover energy, save it: Even standard Kardex Remstar units use up to 40% less energy.

Efficiency means achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. In strict accordance with this economic principle, Kardex Remstar units use up to 40% less energy from the start. The following features ensure optimal energy-efficiency:

  • Efficient drive technology in the form of high-performance motors
  • Perfectly configured frequency converters
  • Different drive combinations
  • Intelligent unit imbalance monitoring
  • Optimized traveling distance
  • Intelligent storage and order picking strategies

For Kardex Remstar, energy efficiency means

  • Using up to 40% less energy used compared to other systems
  • A feature that comes as standard
  • No additional maintenance work
  • No additional costs

Kardex Remstar Shuttle® XP

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1. Automatic lighting (Shuttle XP):

The lighting is only switched on when a tray is waiting in the access opening.

2. Optimal drive combinations:

Six drive combinations are available, all perfectly configured to cope with a wide range of speeds and weight classes. The speed is automatically optimized depending on the load being transported for the best possible energy efficiency.

3. Maximum weight reduction:

Less weight also means less energy consumption. That is why we use lightweight construction methods when developing our units to reduce the weight and thus also cut the amount of energy needed.

4. Automatic standby operation:

The units automatically switch to standby mode, placing all electrical consumers into a kind of sleeping state by requiring virtually no energy.

5. Optimized traveling distance:

The units always select the shortest route when storing and retrieving goods. This reduces unnecessary journeys and saves time and ultimately energy.

6. Intelligent storage and order picking strategies:

Power Pick Global software combines several orders to form a batch. As a result, a particular product that is needed for several orders is only picked once, cutting journeys, and saving both time and energy.

Don’t recover energy, save it

That’s the name of the game at Kardex Remstar, which is evident in every feature related to energy efficiency.

Options. For even greater efficiency in the warehouse

The Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP is extremely flexible thanks to various options that can be integrated either before or after installation. The series features a wide range of optionally available components. As such, the Shuttle XP can be individually adapted to meet the most diverse requirements and configured so that it always conforms precisely to the requisite parameters in the warehouse.

Besides bar code scanning devices and pick-to-light technology, the range of options includes driverless transport systems and conveying equipment, RFID technology, individual software solutions, and much more besides.

Application areas:

  • Order picking
  • Batch picking
  • Consolidation
  • Sorting
  • Replenishment

Kardex Remstar Shuttle® XP

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Installation outside buildings

The Shuttle XP units from Kardex Remstar can also be installed outside buildings in order to increase existing capacity. In this case, the goods are accessed via a special opening created in the wall.

Manual/automatic tray extraction device

The tray extraction device was designed to improve the handling of heavy and bulky goods that are moved with the aid of a lifting device. With the tray extraction device, a tray is placed in front of the access opening for loading and unloading purposes. This can then be loaded onto an optional transport cart for safe and easy handling.

Installation over several floors

Vertical lift modules can extend over several floors with up to six access openings positioned anywhere on the front or rear side of the unit. Mezzanine floors can be installed to enable operation on several levels at the same time – for instance, loading on one side and retrieval on the other.

Double-access handling

Thanks to the double-access handling option it is possible to work on two levels in the access opening. A tray is transported to the first working level in the access opening and the shutter door closed. While the operator is storing or removing items, the next tray is being retrieved and kept in a waiting position behind the access opening.


Kardex Remstar supplies various integrated pick-to-light solutions to increase productivity, throughput, and accuracy. The Shuttle XP systems can be fitted with position indicators, light signals, and confirmation bars in the access opening.

Bar code scanners

Bar code scanners can be quickly and easily integrated for order identification, retrieval, and confirmation.

Conveyor systems

Linking work zones is the ideal solution for quick order picking and consolidation. Items are automatically conveyed to the access opening, removed, and then placed into shipping containers.

Manipulation and lifting equipment

Simple integration of lifting equipment, cranes, grippers, and robots facilitates ergonomic handling of materials.

Seven design features – with consistent excellence

The Shuttle XP vertical lift system has been designed to meet a broad range of storage and retrieval applications in manufacturing,distribution, retail and warehouse operations. The combination of optimal storage density, flexible, efficient storage strategies, ergonomics and security makes the Shuttle XP from Kardex Remstar a unique storage solution.


  • LED/laser pointer
  • Alphanumeric or matrix position display
  • Confirmation bar
  • ESD design
  • Automatic tray extraction device
  • Manual tray extraction device
  • Transit cart
  • Swivel arm for control unit
  • Double/multiple access
  • Tray locking mechanism
  • User administration
  • Logicontrol® 200 unit control system


  • Factory-fitted crane
  • Special trays for pallet storage
  • Tray extraction device for forklift operation
  • Up to six access openings per unit
  • Forklift truck operation in front of the unit
  • Vertical photo cells for monitoring the shaft
  • LED position display
  • Vario position display
  • TIC matrix
  • Auxiliary system
  • Weighing system

Kardex Remstar Shuttle® XP

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1. Access opening with automatic shutter doors

To protect the operator and stored goods. Lower noise levels. Enables preliminary order picking – the operator works on one tray while the extractor prepares the next tray for delivery behind the shutter door. To reduce waiting time, the trays are exchanged as soon as the operator has finished working on the current tray.

2. Optiflex technology

Existing storage space capacity in the unit is optimally utilized by scanning the height of the stored goods to ensure maximum storage density.

3. Integrated weight management

The weight of the tray and shuttle is monitored using the resistance method to prevent overloading of individual trays or the entire system.

4. Toothed belt drive

This allows faster travel and access times, produces lower noise levels, and prolongs the life of the machine.

5. Trays in different load classes

Various trays can be stored in one unit, reducing acquisition costs and ensuring lasting operation flexibility.

6. Ergonomic access opening

The L-profiles in the access opening allow the working position to be individually adjusted to the height of the operator. In addition, two trays can be positioned in one access opening at the same time. The floor-level recess allows the operator to get close to the unit and work ergonomically.

7. Future-proof design

The height of the unit can be modified quickly and easily, and additional access openings can be fitted. As such, it can be optimally adapted to meet future needs.

Every Kardex Remstar XP can be configured to be perfectly compatible with your system.

Controlled environments. Controlled storage conditions

Special storage conditions are often required for parts, raw materials, and products. Depending on your individual needs, we supply four optional environment solutions, which we individually integrate into your storage and retrieval system. As a result, your sensitive goods are optimally protected at all times.

Advantages at a glance

  • Low operating costs
  • Absolutely secure storage of sensitive parts
  • Lower investment costs compared to conventional solutions
  • Room-in-room solutions; independent cell can be located in the gray area
  • Free positioning ensures flexibility; no structural restrictions

Kardex Remstar Shuttle® XP

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We can draw on various product enhancements in the area of controlled storage to meet your needs. These include temperature-controlled, humidity-controlled, and clean room storage environments in accordance with ISO standards. Furthermore, we can supply you with various solutions in the area of active and passive fire protection.

They include storage:

  • in a controlled temperature ranging from –35 °C to +60 °C (depending on the type of unit)
  • under clean room storage conditions compliant with EN-ISO classes 5 to 8
  • under controlled humidity: 10% relative humidity
  • with comprehensive fire protection

Kardex Remstar solutions have been designed for storing products under special environmental conditions. They are particularly aimed at companies in the following sectors:

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Medicine and pharma
  • Optics
  • Chemistry
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft construction
  • Food

With these solutions, which can be installed as stand-alone products or in combination with one another, we supply you with an efficient total package to meet your needs.

Find out how Kardex Remstar environment solutions can help you to store your sensitive goods. We will be happy to advise you.

Temperature. Storage at constant temperatures

A growing number of goods are temperature-sensitive and require constant storage temperatures.

For such requirements, we can optionally equip our storage systems with a climate function capable of maintaining storage temperatures of between –35 °C to +60 °C. Accordingly, carousel systems such as the Megamat RS can store goods at temperatures of between -25 °C and +60 °C. The Shuttle XP storage lift can maintain temperatures ranging from –35 °C to +60 °C.

All components installed in our storage systems are designed to operate at the required temperatures to ensure optimal performance. The systems are cooled with eco-friendly coolants.

Kardex Remstar climate solution:

  • Store goods at temperatures as low as –35 °C
  • Store goods at a maximum temperature of up to +60 °C
  • Temperature remains constant +/–1 K
  • Dependent on the type of unit

Clean room. Clean room solutions for a particle-free environment

Companies in a wide range of sectors – including semiconductor manufacturers, aircraft builders, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and optical companies –generally all have particular requirements in relation to their storage environment. Our storage and retrieval systems provide the solution here, because they guarantee storage of goods under the right conditions.

The Kardex Remstar clean room solution gives you the option to store your sensitive items (e.g., particle-free components for semiconductor production). If you require a separate clean room for your goods, the unit can also be supplied as a stand-alone clean room.

Kardex Remstar clean room solution:

  • Clean room classes ranging from EN-ISO 5 to 8 (5 on request)
  • Temperature remains constant +/–1 K
  • Positive/negative pressure
  • Hygienic design

Drying. Sustainable solution for controlling humidity in storage areas

We have refined our dynamic storage and retrieval systems especially for the semiconductor industry and provided the option to control the relative air humidity.

The solution is designed in accordance with the international guidelines of the JEDEC (Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council) and is thus particularly suitable for the semiconductor industry.

Kardex Remstar dry solution:

  • 10% relative humidity through nitrogen purging
  • Adsorption drying (application: storage of SMD components)
  • ESD-compatible design

Fire protection. Innovative fire protection: Extinguish fires with no undesirable effects

Effective fire protection pays off, because in an emergency situation it’s not just fire and smoke that cause damage, but also non-residue-free extinguishing agents. This is why we offer our customers a residue-free gas-based extinguishing system.

Residue-free and low reaction
The earliest possible detection of fire helps to discover it during its formation phase, so that the extinguishing system can be activated.

This involves permanently monitoring the situation by taking air samples and testing them for smoke particles. If a fire is detected, the extinguishing system is activated. The storage unit and the goods remain protected while the fire is extinguished. Nitrogen is used for this purpose, a residue-free inert gas.

In the event of a fire it is gently released into the storage system. The extinguishing system complies with VdS guideline 2380 and provides outstanding protection for the stored goods and the storage system.

Kardex Remstar fire protection solution:

  • Residue-free fire extinguishing with early warning system
  • Individual acceptance test possible in accordance with FM Global requirements
  • Goods and the storage unit remain intact in the event of a fire
  • Fewer downtimes
  • Available as a turnkey solution