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Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP 250/500

Flexible solution for small parts and lightweight goods

The Shuttle XP 250/500 is a highly flexible solution for storing and retrieving small-volume goods. Measuring 4.05 meters across, the unit accommodates loads weighing up to 560 kg. Thanks to its compact design the Shuttle XP 250/500 can be optimally adapted to the available space, providing maximum storage volume on a minimal footprint. As a further option, the system can also be easily modified to cater to a wide range of requirements, for instance to store goods in air-conditioned units or under clean room conditions.

Kardex Remstar Shuttle® XP

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Technical Data

Shuttle XP 250/500
Width 1,580 mm to 4,380 mm
Depth 2,312 mm to 4,292 mm
Height 2,550 mm to 30,050 mm
Unit height pitch 100 mm increments
Performance data
Vertical speed adjustable up to 2.0 m/s
Storage/retrieval speed adjustable up to 0.7 m/s
Gross load max. 67/120 t
Width 1,250 mm to 4,050 mm
Depth 610 mm to 1,270 mm
Storage space pitch 25 mm
Tray spacing min. 75 mm
Load up to 560 kg
Special options
Cooling/refrigeration to – 20 °C ± 5K
Heated units to + 60 °C
Clean room application class 100–100.000/ISO-Classes 5–8
Controlled atmosphere

(5% relative humidity / 10% relative humidity)

Fire protection (water/gas)
Explosion protection