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Kardex Remstar Shuttle XPlus

Store large quantities in the smallest of spaces

On the Shuttle XPlus several lift modules in the Shuttle XP series are linked via a lifting bar to create a storage unit capable of effectively handling even large quantities. Requested trays holding the stored goods are transported to a free storage space in one of the linked modules via the central access opening using an extractor and later retrieved via the same way. The extractor moves diagonally through the lift modules, allowing very fast access times. The Shuttle XPlus has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 240 metric tons.

Advantages at a glance

The Shuttle XPlus offers these product benefits in addition to the advantages of a Shuttle XP

  • Operation of several lift modules via just one extractor platform

  • Short distances between the access openings mean that the operating personnel no longer have to spend time moving around

  • The number and position of the access openings can be freely selected

  • Optimal use is made of previously inaccessible storage space, such as corners and recesses

  • Even faster order picking thanks to the combination of Shuttle XPlus and Shuttle XP

Kardex Remstar Shuttle® XP

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Technical Data

Shuttle XPlus
Width 4,460 mm to 7,040 mm
Depth 2,921 mm to 3,074 mm
Height 3,050 mm to 20,050 mm
Unit height pitch 100 mm increments
Performance data
Drive speed 250 kg/500 kg
Vertical speed adjustable up to 1.5 m/s
Storage/retrieval speed 0,62 m/s
Horizontal speed adjustable up to 1.3 m/s
Gross load 30 t per segment
Width 1,250 mm to 2,450 mm
Depth 813/864 mm
Storage space pitch 25 mm
Tray spacing min. 75 mm
Load up to 545 kg