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Kardex VLM BOX

A complete Box System: More Flexibility –Higher Stock Capacity – Better Handling

The Kardex VLM BOX is designed for Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift Module, making an already efficient storage solution even more efficient.

Kardex VLM Box

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Design Features

Advantages of using the VLM BOX solution

The Kardex VLM box changes as your stock changes

Kardex VLM Box

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Stay flexible with dynamic locations

10 examples of more than 100 flexible segment layouts

Number of VLM BOXES, fitting on the Vertical Lift Module Kardex Remstar Shuttle tray

Kardex VLM BOX – StartKits

The easy and risk-free way to kick-start space saving

The StartKit provides a wide range of different location types. It gives you the chance to kick-start space saving and discover which location types fit your needs. The StartKit is foolproof – once you know what location types you need, simply custom order exactly what you require.Choose between 6 different StartKit options: