Smart storage for tools

Kardex Remstar is enhancing its tool storage and handling portfolio

Kardex Remstar developed its portfolio for optimized storage and management of tools. There are now even more ways of ensuring safe and space-saving storage of tools in the Shuttle XP storage lift so that they are readily available at all times. This means that metalworkers, toolmakers, and companies working in the automotive and manufacturing industries can organize their intralogistics processes more efficiently.

 Various tool racks made of plastic, metal, or wood are now available, allowing optimal use to be made of the space inside the Shuttle XP storage lift, both in terms of depth and height. The range includes plastic boxes for compartmentalizing trays, tools racks with adjustable holders, and special individual divider systems.

Central and clearly arranged

At manufacturing companies tools are often stored in various types of boxes kept in various tool cabinets located throughout the production hall. Reforming, chipping, and milling tools for machine tools have to be stored in a way that allows efficient setting up and retooling within the manufacturing process. The Shuttle XP from Kardex Remstar represents a central solution in which tools of differing sizes, weights, and geometries can be stored right by the machine tool or in a central tool store. The storage lift offers protection from dust, dirt, and damage. Access protection is possible for high-quality tools. The goods-to-person principle saves employees from having to walk around and reduces picking time by at least 50 percent.

Interfaces with other systems

Kardex Remstar’s own Power Pick Global (PPG) has all the basic functions found in warehouse management software. It can set up the storage structure, take care of storage and retrieval tasks, perform inventory management in real time, and also handle tool management functions. Interfaces are available for linking the system to existing tool management software. The number of incorrectly picked items is reduced to virtually zero with the help of information displays.

Kardex Remstar has installed tool storage systems for a number of notable customers, including Hartensteiner, Spreng (both based in Austria), Cameron USA, Henke Beschläge, and Paul Horn (both based in Germany). With the new range of products Kardex Remstar wishes to further enhance its expertise in the area of tool storage.

About Kardex Remstar

Kardex Remstar develops, manufactures, and maintains dynamic storage and retrieval systems. The company is a leading provider of storage lifts, vertical carousels, order picking software, and life cycle services. Customers from all industries use solutions from Kardex Remstar  to organize their intralogistic processes in a simpler and more transparent manner as well as to save space and cut process costs. Kardex Remstar customers come from a broad range of industries, such as automotive, electronics, chemical/pharmaceutical, Distribution, mechanical engineering, or health care.

Kardex Remstar has two production sites in Germany (Bellheim and Neuburg). To date, the company has successfully installed around 140,000 dynamic storage systems across the globe. With an extensive sales and dealership network, Kardex Remstar is active in over 30 countries and employs around 1,200 people worldwide.