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Fire protection

Innovative fire protection: Extinguish fires with no undesirable effects

Effective fire protection pays off, because in an emergency situation it’s not just fire and smoke that cause damage, but also non-residue-free extinguishing agents. This is why we offer our customers a residue-free gas-based extinguishing system.

Residue-free and low reaction

The earliest possible detection of fire helps to discover it during its formation phase, so that the extinguishing system can be activated.

This involves permanently monitoring the situation by taking air samples and testing them for smoke particles. If a fire is detected, the extinguishing system is activated. The storage unit and the goods remain protected while the fire is extinguished. Nitrogen is used for this purpose, a residue-free inert gas.

In the event of a fire it is gently released into the storage system. The extinguishing system complies with VdS guideline 2380 and provides outstanding protection for the stored goods and the storage system.

Kardex Remstar fire protection solution:

  • Residue-free fire extinguishing with early warning system
  • Individual acceptance test possible in accordance with FM Global requirements
  • Goods and the storage unit remain intact in the event of a fire
  • Fewer downtimes
  • Available as a turnkey solution