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Handling & Automation

The Pursuit of Excellence

Our automated storage and commissioning solutions enable you to make substantial efficiency savings in the way you handle your inventory.

Kardex Remstar Material Handling Solutions

Kardex Remstar Material Handling Solutions specialise in computer controlled automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, assembly, distribution and retailing. The range of products is extremely wide, but all have one common aim – that is the pursuit of excellence. The introduction of our solutions will enable all companies to make substantial efficiency savings in the way that they handle, store and retrieve inventory. Applications are far reaching, including solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, distribution, electronics, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, government, health care management, metal working and tooling (to name only a few).

Applications for Handling and Automation

Automotive Material flow
Electronics Special conditions storage
Special conveying storage
Power supplied storage
Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals Robotic
Process reliability
Climate and cleanroom conditions
Warehousing/Distribution Fully automated pre-sorting
Machinery Buffering
Parts feeding
Hospitals Fully automated system over several floors and secured