Where there’s smoke, there’s a smothered fire

Innovative fire protection from KardexRemstar for the safe storage of motor components

The company Engel Elektroantriebe manufactures components and systems used in electric drive technology. Since 2015, a total of more than one million individual parts used in the manufacture of motors have been stored in a space-saving Shuttle XP 700storage lift from KardexRemstar. An integrated fire protection concept ensures that the source of any fire is immediately extinguished without damaging the storage unit or the stored items.

Engel Elektroantriebeis one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of components and systems used in electric drive technology for industrial applications. The portfolio includes motors, drive systems, and control units. When manufacturing motors, it is essential that individual parts and components are available quickly at all times. That is why Engel ordered a Shuttle XP 700 storage lift from Kardex Remstar last year. The unit has storage capacity of around 200 square meters on a footprint measuring 10.5 square meters,and can be accessed on three floors.

Integrated fire protection

The storage lift from Kardex Remstar protects the stored items and the unit itself in the event of a fire. This is made possible by an innovative fire protection concept from Kardex Remstar. The fire protection system works with nitrogen –an inert gas that is residue-free and hardly reacts with other substances. In the event of a fire, the gas is released within the storage unit through special nozzle jets installed vertically along the entire height of the unit. The gas is pumped at low pressure to prevent any damage. The oxygen content drops quickly and evenly, extinguishing the fire at an early stage. A subsequent so-called holding time, during which the unit is once again flooded with nitrogen, ensures even greater safety. The oxygen concentration is kept low for at least ten minutes, permanently preventing the fire from reigniting.

Detected early – extinguished quickly

A sophisticated early warning system is also part of the fire protection concept. Plastic pipes installed along the entire length of the unit permanently take air samples from the inside and test them for smoke particles. If the particle concentration exceeds a set limit, an acoustic and visual alarm is set off and the nitrogen floods the unit. There is a small delay between the alarm being raised and the nitrogen being pumped into the unit so that people have time to leave the danger area.